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About SignSpace

As the world moves toward more digitalization, the need for organisations and individuals to carry out digital transactions has become imperative. In 2016, Suomen Tilaajavastuu, a Finnish compliance company formed a workgroup to study digital signing in the real estate and construction sector. The study concluded that despite several digital signing services available in the market, small and medium-sized organizations continue to use traditional signing practices. Suomen Tilaajavastuu, along with Finnish real estate and construction organizations, started a joint project to address this challenge. The project’s goal was to develop an easy-to-use digital signing solution and replace paper-based workflows.
Rikhard Tiula, the founder of SignSpace, understood the practical challenges of this goal and came up with the idea of SignSpace - a secure identity-based business collaboration platform. He recognised that an easy-to-use signature solution alone was not enough to replace paper-based workflows. The entire lifecycle of a document from early informal ideas, first drafts, revisions, to the signing of an agreement, and long-term storage all needed to be incorporated into one secure platform. Furthermore, this needed to happen across organisations. This led to his vision of developing a complete integrated business collaboration solution.
SignSpace is a scalable secure business collaboration platform with document workflow management from start to finish, electronic signing, identity verification, and content management. SignSpace features can be integrated into existing business systems. SignSpace creates value for organisations by simplifying information management, enabling seamless collaboration, and promoting focused productivity.
We love what we can do with SignSpace and know that you will too.